Contemporary House Plans

Contemporary style plans refer to unique house plans and modern home plans that have a conemporary look. In fact, the unique home shapes, modern forms, and contemporary materials reflect Art Moderne or International styles. The Bauhaus movement in Germany reinvented architecture in its purest form, focusing on modern function and shunning ornamentation. Therefore, modern flat roofs, unique cube shapes with curved adornments, clean lines, open floor plans, and the use of industrial-like materials, such as concrete, glass, and steel are common. In this collection of modern home plans and contemporary homes by Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc., exterior decoration is downplayed, allowing simple shapes to take precedence. For example, bands of windows or an arresting entry, often provide the focal point on the homes' elevations while free-flowing floor plans inside lend convenience. Far from cold and unlivable, these homes prove that "Contemporary" is a mantra for uniqueness, functionality and beauty.

The Olsen

G-40431,627 Sq Ft
2 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Park Place

G-1164ES1,613 Sq Ft
3 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Forest Park

G-22193ES2,406 Sq Ft
4 Bedrooms3 Baths
The Riverside

G-12452,334 Sq Ft
3 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Squirrel

G-1165600 Sq Ft
1 Bedrooms1 Baths
The Brunswick

G-24664,887 Sq Ft
4 Bedrooms4 Baths
The Lexington

G-21129728 Sq Ft
1 Bedrooms1 Baths
The Brooklyn

G-11641,608 Sq Ft
3 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Keighley

G-11611,624 Sq Ft
3 Bedrooms2 Baths
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