Narrow Lot House Plans

Many buildable home sites today require plans that are less than 50 feet wide. Such “narrow” house plans are typical in areas where land is precious and the demand for new homes is high. City or subdivision ordinances may also dictate the size of lots. An especially new trend in neighborhood development is to place houses close together in order to foster a sense of community. And occasionally, developed parts of a city contain vacant lots that are typically small or irregular in size. Whatever your need for a narrow home, you’re sure to find a wide variety of choices in this collection of Narrow Lot House Plans from Alan Mascord Design Associates, Inc. Look for homes with detached garages, designs for sloping sites, plans with garages tucked under the main level, and even some homes that resemble traditional row houses. Because generating a feeling of spaciousness is a particular challenge with narrow-lot house plans, you’ll find the designers endeavored to create open and functional layouts for each home.

The Wedgewood

G-211081,430 Sq Ft
2 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Ackley

G-221452,289 Sq Ft
3 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Ellington

G-11541,891 Sq Ft
3 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Monroe

G-2174B1,466 Sq Ft
3 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Malone

G-2164A1,943 Sq Ft
3 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Corbett

G-2154F1,500 Sq Ft
3 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Gaylord

G-221552,453 Sq Ft
4 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Skycole

G-211071,203 Sq Ft
2 Bedrooms2 Baths
The Overbeck

G-2178AA1,353 Sq Ft
3 Bedrooms2 Baths
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